Beautiful interior: step one

The basis of any interior in any apartment or house is the hard stuff, meaning the walls, the floor, the furniture: the overall finish. Home decor comes after that and only complements what has been done before. Of course, it is only possible to change the basis when you’re the owner and when it’s not the case, only decoration can help transform your apartment.


Looking through Pinterest is an obvious recommendation when it comes to deciding on some interior design styles. You don’t have to choose one theme for the whole apartment; it can vary from room to room, but in my opinion, every interior of your home needs to have something in common. This can be done by decoration, for example.

However, collecting a bunch of inspiration images is not enough. Now you have to decide if you want to hire an interior designer or maybe you want to do the designing yourself (which can be very exciting!). In second case, doing a lot of reading is essential. You need to choose, for example, what materials to use in the kitchen or bathroom; and that’s going to require some knowledge of what materials are best or most practical. Alternatively, you can consult your decisions with specialists, who will tell you that some of your interior design ideas are impossible to execute. If you’re not sure, then definitely consult your plans with someone who has the necessary knowledge.


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Scandinavian, modern, glamour or loft styles are some of the popular interior design themes. When you find your favorite, just start researching the subject. You might want to mix different styles but you still need to know a little more about them.

Choosing a paint color for your walls is the first step. Will it be neutral colors? How about painting one wall in a different hue or making it stand out with navy or emerald green? Or maybe you would like to opt for wallpaper? And if your apartment doesn’t have floors yet, of course you need to decide which material to use either. There are so many things to think about. You just have to keep in mind what style in general your interior is going to represent; then the decision-making should be fairly easy.

When it comes to kitchen and bathroom, it’s not so easy just to pick a paint color. You also need to decide if you want to have tiles, where you want to have them and then choose the color and design. The appliances are another subject to think about. I would consult someone with enough knowledge at that point to see if your ideas fit into the confines of your home interior and price range you’re willing to accept.

Now, if you have all of the basics figured out and done, it’s time to look for furniture. With modern styles you want to buy furniture that’s simple with clean lines and no excessive ornaments. Actually, modern interiors are really easy to style with home decor to transform the entire look.

Nevertheless, buying furniture can be very exciting. I would recommend drawing a sketch of your empty space and then thinking about what exactly you want to have in it. Then draw it in your plan, exactly where you want it to stand. One time, when I moved to an apartment (rented), I measured everything, put it in Google SketchUp and manipulated the space from there. It’s a blast and you should try it if you’re a freak like me.

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Interior decoration would be the next step to make your home more personal and attractive. But this will be the topic of the next article. : )

Interior design is such a vast subject. I’m aware that my guidelines are a bit vague but you really need to write a bunch of books to elaborate on every single stage of designing an apartment. I just hope some of the mentioned clues will be helpful.