Interior design themes

So, I decided to include the interior design themes list here on this blog. It’s like a little shortcut for those who don’t exactly distinguish between certain styles and I hope it will be helpful. Of course, these are not all the styles out there. I included home interior design themes that are most popular right now and my choice may be subjective.


themes for interior design

Scandinavian style is a variation on modern interior design. It focuses on simplicity and functionality, but it is friendlier and cozier than clean modern style. Wooden floors and furniture are often used. Home decor is understated and rather raw and geometric. Colors are muted and light; grey is a very common choice in decorations, textiles or paint colors.


minimalist style

Minimalist style is mostly clean and uncluttered with not much furniture. Decor has to be restrained to only a few pieces distributed sparingly around the apartment. Only essential items remain in the space and the rest is left out of sight. Colors are neutral in minimalist style.

Shabby chic

types of interior design themes

I call it overly sweet cottage style because it’s rather cozy and has a country feel to it. It is very feminine and soft. Roses are by far an iconic pattern in shabby chic style. Furniture is supposed to look old and a little damaged; visible cracks of the paint are most certainly welcome. Colors are often pastels, white or ecru. Frills decorating the pillows or bedding are another characteristic element.


traditional style

Traditional interior design style is classic and elegant. It derives from the 18th and 19th century Europe. Characteristic elements are elaborate lines in the furnishings, detailed moldings and use of dark wood. Arches and columns are not uncommon in this style. The curved furniture elements are placed symmetrically around a fireplace or a coffee table, for example.


modern style

Modern interior design style was most prominent in the 50s and 60s but it is used with a few alterations to this day. Sometimes it is referred to as mid-century modern style. Geometric and clean lines are the key to this style. It is similar to minimalist and Scandinavian themes because of its simplicity and lack of ornaments and elaborate decorations. Materials that are most commonly used are wood, plastic and metal. You can find more about modern decor in my previous article.


industrial style

This style is especially popular in lofts. In industrial style walls are often left unfinished, exposing brick. Decor made of metal or steel is characteristic in those interiors, as well as incorporates old appliances and other industrial looking objects. Colors are neutral. Furniture, especially sofas, need to be comfortable and big. Lighting can also be very raw: a bulb hanging on a wire for example.


rustic style

Rustic style is all about wood. I would say it is a great style to incorporate to a lodge or summer house, for example. Wooden walls, beams and furniture are typical in this interior design style. Stone can also be applied here, especially on the floor. Rustic interior can be a little eclectic, as vintage items are mixed with new ones. Decor is rather ornamental, as in carved wood furniture.

There are so many interior design themes but I included those I feel are important. Mixing some of them can produce amazing results. Remember, it’s all about experimentation!

Photo sources: Scandinavian | Minimalist | Shabby chic | Traditional | Modern | Industrial | Rustic


Modern decor in your apartment

Modern decor basically means simplicity, technology, geometry. Modern apartments can be considered cold and impersonal but they really can be cozy, and it all depends on the effect you want to achieve.

modern decor


There are some modern interior design styles that are similar to each other and you can mix them with good results: urban and Scandinavian, for example. The basic elements of modern decor are cleanness and lack of elaborate decorations. Instead, you get simple geometrical forms, especially in the furniture, and uncluttered space. A nice word describing modern house decor is “polished”.

Modern apartment decor focuses on function rather than form. Furniture needs to be minimalistic in its shape and the same rule applies to accessories. They need to be used in moderation; we don’t want the space to look cluttered with vases, blankets or flowers.

Colors in such interiors are mostly neutral, but black and white are also often used. Modern wall art decor can be an abstract piece with a splash of color, to add an intriguing touch to the room. However, I wouldn’t add much color contrasts anywhere else. Focus on one color contrast and you’ll be fine. But if you feel like it, you can of course add some more colorful touch ups and see where it goes.

modern home decor


Instead of abstract splash of colors, you can add geometrical shapes in wall art. Black and white paintings are one option; color blocks are another. In the article about home decor I stressed how important it is to pick out individualistic and personal accessories. Unfortunately, In modern styles we don’t have room to play with decor. The only chance to be a bit personal is really with wall art, and not too much of it. You can also arrange your books in a way that shows who you are (with your favorite titles, for example).

Materials used in modern spaces are often wood, leather, plastic, glass, etc. They combine nicely together to create that polished and sleek look. Such interiors actually are very calming and peaceful. Cluttered and disorganized spaces contribute more stress to our already stressful lives, so it is essential to help yourself feel relaxed at your own home.

Modern room decor can always be mixed with more ornamental decorations or even furniture, but of course then we wouldn’t call it modern. Nevertheless, the effects of such a mix can be surprising and beautiful.

modern house decor


I also mentioned technology as a component of modern decor and this means having electronic devices merging seamlessly into the room. Flat TV screens or simple computer screens can look very natural in modern environment. Lighting is also important in modern home interior. Instead of chandeliers, however, we can opt for LED ceiling lights, for example.

Furniture is the basis of modern home decor, so if you would like your space to be more modern, I would suggest replacing your ornamental furniture with simple and clean shaped ones. I know it is expensive but I’m afraid there is no shortcut to it. Alternatively, if you opt for a little hint of modern style, geometrical wall art (preferably in black and white) can do the trick and decluttering your apartment would be the next step.

Of course, I always recommend checking out Pinterest to see if modern apartment decor is for you or if you would like to implement some of it in your apartment. Also, check out the suggestions below.