5 Ready Throw Pillow Sets #2

I haven’t been posting in a little while, because of workload with my other job. However, I am back and excited to write again. First, a continuation of the “ready series”, as I call it. Another five of ready throw pillow sets. I hope you enjoy it!

This time I chose different sofas but some of the pillows may be the same as in the previous article. Ahh, I can do a whole bunch of such sets and it never gets boring. It’s like jigsaw puzzles for me. A little reminder: I’m sure you have different sofas in your living room but maybe those sets will inspire you in some way to change things up.

white sofa set

White Sofa | Moroccan Pattern Pillow | Grey & Yellow Pillow | Silver Pillow

violet sofa set

Purple Sofa | Green Pillow | Purple Flowers Pillow | Embellished Green Throw Pillow

beige sofa set

Beige Sofa | Diamond Pattern Pillow | Red Pillow | Mint Triangle Pillow

grey sofa set

Grey Sofa | Black & White Pillow | Blue Pillow | Green Pattern Pillow

navy sofa set

Navy Sofa | Grey Pillow | Gold Sequin Pillow | Coral Pattern Pillow

That is it for now and I hope you enjoyed it. I will prepare some posts like that in the future but I feel now is the time for new color series, how about it? ; )

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5 Ready Throw Pillow Sets

As trivial as it may sound, creating sets of throw pillows really excites me. I thought it would be fun to make some sets of these because sometimes everyone wants a ready solution. I do, too.

There are two most possible places where your throw pillows can be located: on your living room sofa or on your bed. In this article I will present to you some solutions to your sofa in the living room. Of course, everything depends on what color your sofa is and what is the mood of the whole room.

I created the sets with different sofas and paid attention to colors more than the furniture style. Feel free to translate these arrangements to your sectional sofa, if you have one, just add more pillows if you wish. I prefer the throw pillows to be in contrast to one another and as you can see, I like things to sparkle.

set 1

The Sofa | Green Pillow | Violet Pillow | Kiss Pillow

set 2 throw pillows

The Sofa | Black & White Pillow | Green Pattern Pillow | Pink Pillow

set 3

The Sofa | Grey & White Pillow | Gold Sequin Pillow | Starfish Pillow

set 4

The Sofa | Black & White Pillow | Banana Leaf Pillow | Silver Pillow

set 5

The Sofa | Black & White Pillow | Orange Pillow | Zigzag Black & White Pillow

These were just examples but hopefully it will make your life a little easier. Not everyone wants to think about such minute decor details but absolutely everyone wants their interiors to be beautiful and special. I plan to do a lot more of that kind of articles, perhaps about wall art, so stay tuned.

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Colors | Red in the bathroom

Continuing the red color series, we take a look at red bathroom. As I mentioned before, red is not very popular in interiors recently, which is why it can be original, bold and not-so-mainstream to apply it to your interior design. Bathroom and bedroom are the places where this color is especially avoided. In bathroom, it can appear too lively and we tend to choose blue there, while bedrooms with a lot of red color may appear too vulgar. Of course, it is a matter of proportion and within reason red can be used in those interiors.

Come and get inspired to change something!

red accessories


red bathroom walls


red cabinet


red bathroom


red patterned tiles


black and red


red and white


red wall


red patterns


Doesn’t it look amazing? Patterned walls are especially great in small bathrooms but red cupboards and white walls are also very classic. Red and black is a bold statement, too dark for me but it does scream “modern”.

Traditionally, I prepared a collage of red bathroom accessories for you. Accessorizing in bathrooms is usually a little limited but I hope you like it anyway.

red bathroom accessories

1. Cotton Towels | 2. Bathroom Accessory Set | 3. Wastepaper Basket | 4. Bath Rug Set | 5. Poppies Wallpaper | 6. Leather Tissue Box | 7. Moroccan Quatrefoil Shower Curtain | 8. Egyptian Cotton Towel Set | 9. Zig-Zag Rug


How to achieve luxury interior design look

Achieving luxury interior design look is not simple and low-cost. Of course, there is no need to buy only designer items for your home but there are some elements of interior design that are worth spending more money on. What is more, you can only get this luxurious feel in fairly spacious interiors. I’m sorry to say that, but small ones will not have the same impact, although it is always great to try. In this article, I present some luxury interior design ideas.

Start with the basics

living room


Darker color schemes (black, navy, dark grey) work really great to complete the luxurious look of the interior. However, lighter color palette will be fine as well. Paint the walls according to your choice. Navy walls can actually look amazing.

You can choose either modern, minimalist furniture, or ornamental and traditional furniture. It depends on whether you would like to go in a glamour or modern direction. Avoid furniture that can be described as cozy.

Materials and fabrics used to achieve the expensive look are mostly:
– metals
– marble
– dark wood
– silk and other slightly shiny fabrics
– leather
– glass
– glossy surfaces
– fur
– general abundance of decorations and accessories (with taste, you don’t want the cluttered look)

Complete luxury interior design look with decor

If you have all the furniture you need, it’s time to decorate. There are some interior design styles that fit into this expensive look a little bit better than others. Luxury home interior design would not be the same without either glamour or modern style. By modern style I mean minimalist and rather contemporary than mid-century.

Glamour style

luxurious living room


Glamour style is expensive looking and rather ornamental. If you would like to go in this direction, consider adding decorative bars and embellishments on the walls. When it comes to lighting, opt for chandeliers and decorative sconces. It is also great to use desk lights. Fluffy, furry textures in pillow covers or rugs will add sophistication to the space. As for decor, the best choices are gold or silver accessories; even wall art may have some metallic paint on it. Last but not least, put an oversized mirror with ornamental frame in the living room or in the hall.

Overall, glamour makes a huge impression. Few “normal” people decide to design their apartments in this style. It’s not exactly cozy, but definitely original.

Modern style

luxury interior design


If you decide on modern interior design, and modern furniture, be sure to add many extra touches to the interior. Chandeliers and desk lamps will also fit into the modern style, but they can be a little bit more minimalistic (maybe geometrical?). You can play with different fabrics on pillows, rugs, and blankets but usually the furry ones look most luxurious, if they’re good quality. I would think about some very abstract pieces of furniture to bring some eclectic and sophisticated taste to the interior.

Furniture is generally the most expensive element in interiors and it is also the basis for decoration. I would definitely invest in good quality and good-looking furniture. You can change decor anytime you want but the furniture will generally stay with you a lot longer. As for decor, wall art can be expensive but if you can afford it, splurge on it by all means.

I prepared a compilation of really amazing pieces of home decor, which will be perfect to add a little luxury to your own apartment.

luxurious home decor

1. Reversible Sequin Pillow Cover | 2. Tufted Ottoman | 3. Metal Vase | 4. Crystal Vase | 5. Ruffle Vase | 6. Set of Pillow Covers | 7. Mosaic Handmade Wall Mirror | 8. Chaise Lounge | 9. Oval Wall Mirror | 10. 5-Light Candelabra | 11. Faux Sheepskin Area Rug


Nautical decor – a breeze of summer

Nautical decor brings the feeling of summer and sea to the interior; therefore it is widely used in summer houses. Personally I think it is a great style to incorporate in your regular house as well, but in subtler ways. Here is a bunch of excellent inspiration for your home.

Popular nautical decor symbols

There are some symbols that refer to nautical style the most. It’s not rocket science, so probably you know them quite well. Images of anchors, ships, boats, ropes and rudder are the most popular with nautical home decor. You can also add some sea shells, a compass, or a lighthouse to the list. Materials that are often used in nautical theme decor include wood, linen and ropes. Characteristic colors are definitely navy and white, followed by beige and other light colors.

With those representative icons of nautical style, you can decide which ones to bring to your apartment or summer house.

Nautical decor ideas for the living room

nautical decor


There are many ways to decorate your living room in nautical style. You can start with changing pillow covers for white and navy ones. Stripes or anchor patterns, for example, are a great choice. This can be enough for a little nautical accent in your house.

However, if you want to add more, try nautical wall decor. The most popular are nautical symbols like anchors and rudders painted on wood boards. You can easily do it yourself. One of my favorite ideas for nautical decor is making use of oars.

Nautical bathroom decor

nautical bathroom


Bathroom is the perfect place to decorate with some nautical items. Again, wood wall decor can look great here. It is more about color schemes than decor in the bathroom. White or light blue walls and white cabinets set the tone. Then you can add a rug, towels or a shower curtain with nautical motifs. Do it delicately, even one (but bold) nautical element can be enough.

Nautical bedroom decor

nautical bedroom


Bedroom is equally easy when it comes to nautical decor. Mainly, you want to change the textiles. Bedding should definitely have some nautical patterns. You can also add a navy striped blanket. Oars on the wall can be a great option. A little ship or a lantern on your desk can look very nice and set the mood. Empty, light colored bottles are used as an element of decoration in nautical style as well.

What more can you do when decorating your interiors in nautical style? Bring in the actual elements of a ship, like a vintage rudder, or as I mentioned before, ropes could also be excellent. Apart from navy and white color scheme, you can add red or yellow accents, which complement navy wonderfully.

Below I prepared some example nautical items to style your home with. I hope you enjoy it.  nautical decor ideas

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight