5 Ready Throw Pillow Sets #2

I haven’t been posting in a little while, because of workload with my other job. However, I am back and excited to write again. First, a continuation of the “ready series”, as I call it. Another five of ready throw pillow sets. I hope you enjoy it!

This time I chose different sofas but some of the pillows may be the same as in the previous article. Ahh, I can do a whole bunch of such sets and it never gets boring. It’s like jigsaw puzzles for me. A little reminder: I’m sure you have different sofas in your living room but maybe those sets will inspire you in some way to change things up.

white sofa set

White Sofa | Moroccan Pattern Pillow | Grey & Yellow Pillow | Silver Pillow

violet sofa set

Purple Sofa | Green Pillow | Purple Flowers Pillow | Embellished Green Throw Pillow

beige sofa set

Beige Sofa | Diamond Pattern Pillow | Red Pillow | Mint Triangle Pillow

grey sofa set

Grey Sofa | Black & White Pillow | Blue Pillow | Green Pattern Pillow

navy sofa set

Navy Sofa | Grey Pillow | Gold Sequin Pillow | Coral Pattern Pillow

That is it for now and I hope you enjoyed it. I will prepare some posts like that in the future but I feel now is the time for new color series, how about it? ; )

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